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Building your very own Taylor Made Container Home

From initial consultation and design through to completion - turning your ideas into reality.

Shipping containers are robust, long-lasting, versatile and make a perfect "building block" enabling you to build your dream home or work space. Here are some of the inherent qualities of shipping containers.

  • All shipping containers are made from Corten steel - a corrosion resistant steel
  • Shipping containers are one of the most rigidly built structures in the world
  • They offer the perfect building medium and can be modified into a variety of configurations
  • Hurricane and earthquake resistant
  • Shipping container buildings can have a long lifespan when properly maintained

Darryl oversees the entire building process, using only skilled and qualified trademen to undertake all of the specialist work, such as plumbing, electrical installation and gas fitting. Taylor Made only use top of the line insulation (which exceeds council requirements), resulting in a warm, comfortable and quiet space. All our container units are built to withstand "worst case" scenarios and we use top quality fixtures and fittings.

Taylor Made Container Homes have always had a strong focus on the environment and quality. All of our buildings either meet or exceed compliance standards - they are council approved and are signed off with a code of compliance.

Our full self-contained container homes start from around NZ$25,000 depending on your requirements.

You can request a free quote or contact us directly to discuss your ideas.