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Taylor Made Container Home Designs

Containers make the perfect building blocks for your dream home

Taylor Made Container Homes have several tried and tested stock design plans to choose from and have been designed to specifically maximise space and functionality. All of these plans can be altered to suit your individual requirements, ensuring you end up with the home of your dreams.

We also can draw up customised shipping container home plans to your exact specifications and provide photo-realistic images of what your unit will look like when it is completed. Whether you want to be self-contained and live off the grid or want a multi-container statement of modern architecture, we can help you through the entire process - from selecting your containers to laying foundations onsite - including delivery and all matters relating to consent and compliance.

What can you use a shipping container building for?

  • Site sheds
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Staff quarters
  • Toilet blocks
  • Stalls or shops
  • Stables
  • Batchs or cribs
  • Garages
  • Storage sheds
  • Studios
  • Tiny homes
  • Sleep-outs
  • Off-grid living
  • Orchard accommodation
  • Ablution blocks
  • Commercial movable kitchens
  • Power control blocks
  • Commercial building storage
  • Office spaces
  • Tramping huts

As you can see, the ideas are endless! Container houses are modular too, so you can always extend on them as your family grows or as your need for further workers accommodation increases. They’re also great for temporary or movable homes and businesses such as pop up restaurants or Air B&Bs, as they hold their integrity better than other pre-fab buildings.

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